MIT Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering | Design Minor
UC Berkeley Master’s in Mechanical Engineering | Design Concentration

Yo-Yo - Snow Globe
Student - Fall 2018

Acted as team facilitator throughout this project.

Designed and constructed 50 yo-yos in the MIT Mechanical Engineering class, Design and Manufacturing II. The goal of this class is to develop familiarity with the manufacturing processes of 3D printing, Thermoforming, Injection Molding, and Machining. By the end of the course, the students are expected to have created 50 yo-yos that follow their individual design theme in a group of six students.

We chose snow globes as the theme of our yo-yos. A video explaining our personal journey through this class can be found here. In addition, we kept a blog to document our steps throughout the course.

Modeled in Fusion 360.

One of our goals was to create a yo-yo that mimics the aesthetic of a snow globe as much as possible. The fake snow and yo-yo stand made a remarkable difference in the aesthetics to mimic a snowglobe.

Another goal was to have it be functional like a store-bought yo-yo. This goal was also met, and the yo-yo can also be used to complete tricks.

To the right is a CAD Model created in Fusion 360.

To injection mold the body of the yo-yo, snap ring, nose, eyes, buttons, and hats, we were tasked with machining molds such as the mold on the right. For some of the molds including the one displayed, we incorporated multiple instances of a specific part on the mold to decrease the production time and increase uniformity between parts. Some example hats that were injection molded using this mold.
To thermoform the stands and domes, we were tasked with 3D printing dies such as the one to the left using a Formlab 2. An example of a thermoformed part using this die is displayed next to the die.
Below is the report that was displayed during an exposition we attended for our yo-yos.