MIT Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering | Design Minor
UC Berkeley Master’s in Mechanical Engineering | Design Concentration

Tonal - San Francisco
Mechanical Engineer - May 2021 to current

I designed and prototyped a new implementation of a lever unlocking mechanism while collaborating closely with Industrial Designers to address a customer critique of the current apparatus. Currently, I complete tolerance analyses and part drawings via SolidWorks to evaluate part interactions where slop can be reduced and interfering parts can be redesigned. I present updates to the hardware team on developments for works-like prototypes and models utilized in user studies.

My new lever design has now been patented.

A product demonstration can be viewed at

Tonal is a digital weight strength training equipment that can replicate any workout device at the gym in your home. This is accomplished by moving tonal arms to different orientations. Handles connected to ropes provide different amounts of resistance to simulate varying weights. Tonal uses machine learning and AI to personalize a workout to each user's level.
Currently, tonal users need to use two hands to lower one tonal arm at a time. This has become a pain point for users who prefer to use a single hand to lower both arms at a time to seemlessly switch from one position to another. Listening to user feedback, I worked on creating a different version of the mechanism necessary to lower the arms. Then, I conducted user testing that allowed participants to try out this new experience. 100% of the users reported they preffered the new way of lowering the arms than the current version tonal implements.

I am listed on a patent for this new design.
During my position at Tonal, I have gained experience with SolidWorks via Hawk Ridge Systems training for surface modeling and FEA stress simulations. I have also working with creating lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes with sheet metal, 3D printing, and sending SolidWorks to vendors to be manufactured out of house. For parts I’ve worked on, I have focused on design for assembly and for manufacture in relation to parts that will be injection molded or casted.