MIT Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering | Design Minor
UC Berkeley Master’s in Mechanical Engineering | Design Concentration

Electronic Design Research - Beauty in Turmoil
Universidad de Guanajuato Student - Summer 2018

Utilized the program processing to write a code that created visual art that represented the complicated yet beautiful nature of the identity of a person who belongs to more than one culture.
Edited code written by Makio135 that created images similar to the one to the right.

The manipulated code was inspired by a background combined of the United States and Ukraine. The new images created by the code were created to closer resemble a red, white, and black cross-stitching pattern iconic in Ukraine and a red, white, and blue striped aesthetic to represent the United States. The code randomly selected the ratio of black to blue symbolic to how much an identity reflects the Ukrainian vs the American aspect of themselves and how this identity is not constant represented by a cleared canvas at any keystroke. Another addition is that there is artistic freedom in the image, as the lines created originiate from the location of the mouse rather than randomly like in the original code. Here is a video displaying how the final works are created.