MIT Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering | Design Minor
UC Berkeley Master’s in Mechanical Engineering | Design Concentration

Abstract Clock - Fading
Personal - 2021

Created an abstract version of a clock inspired by Shishi-odoshi water fountains using only clear 3D printed parts and circuit components. The black areas were spraypainted.

Water is poured into the top, and it then drips into the bottom. A circuit from the bottom component to the top is completed by the water due to its conductive properties. The completion of the circuit turns on an LED which fades as the water level in the top decays as it drips to the bottom. Acting as a timer, the light turns off because the water has drained. It can be restarted by pouring the water back into the top.

Recorded a video of the working mechanism.

Modeled the clock in Illustrator and SolidWorks.